Bunny Rabbit

Three years ago, when CocoRosie burst onto the scene with its lo-fi recordings of almost-lullabies sung over a beat box and toy animal noises, psych-folk fans of the Devendra Banhart variety took note. Now out of Brooklyn comes Bunny Rabbit, the trip-hop answer to CocoRosie's Cassady sisters. The comparison between the two acts is obvious, but where the sisters get dreamily esoteric and experimental, Bunny and her beat-boxing companion Black Cracker get electro-crunk. Bunny Rabbit's label, Voodoo-EROS (co-owned by CocoRosie), is best known for their Banhart, Jana Hunter, Vashti Bunyan, etc., release in 2005, but Bunny's got enough of that dark, crack-baby, nursery-rhyme vibe to keep CocoRosie fans happy (especially on tracks like "It Ain't Easy), and the Cracker's beats will have you sweaty and dancing by the end of the night.


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