Bury Your Dead

Bury Your Dead is one of those New England hardcore bands that always puts on an energetic live show and gets the crowd to dance up a storm. So Victory Records decided the best thing to do was offer up a live CD: Alive, a CD/DVD combo of 12 brutal songs. There's just one big problem here. Bury Your Dead uses drum triggers and recordings, so while its live show packs a punch, it also sounds pretty much the same as the record. Live albums have inherently bad production. That's what makes the CD portion of Alive completely worthless -- it sounds like playing Cover Your Tracks through a boom box and listening to it three rooms away. But Alive isn't a complete waste of time. Aside from killer packaging (the case unfolds into a coffin), the DVD is great. Not only do you get to see the insanity of a Bury Your Dead performance, but the "After the Show" portion reveals just how hardcore the band members are -- we're talking emergency room visits for stitches, compliments of a bass to the head. Plus, who doesn't love lame backstage humor?


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