Zombies, mummies and vampires populate local trio Calabrese's first full-length, 13 Halloweens, the follow-up to the three brothers' much-hyped EP Midnight Spookshow. Some Spookshow tracks are revisited here, but these 13 horror-rock songs (hence the title), in the vein of the Misfits and the Ramones, show a fleshed-out, slickly produced, more grown-up (but definitely not more mature) Calabrese. When Bobby, Jim and Dave chug through tracks like "Death of Me," "Backseat of My Hearse," and "Every Day's a Funeral," it's impossible not to fall under their thrall. Horror rock's not a very populated genre these days, so the Valley's lucky to have Calabrese playing around town in gothabilly gear and making vampy little girls swoon, but even luckier to have the solid collection on 13 Halloweens to play at will.


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