Canvas 1011 Bar

It's about time they did something with that great big dirt lot on First Street and Roosevelt. For months, this prime location on the main drag of First Friday art walks was just another sidewalk stop filled with art and music booths. But on Friday, January 4, the area turned into Canvas 1011 Bar, which basically means someone fenced it off, threw some bands on stage, and sold some beer. (Click here for more photos.)

This was a perfect stop for us in the middle of our rounds to the art galleries. After so much pushing and shoving through cramped spaces, we were relieved to stumble upon an open area where we could spread our arms and take a break from shuffling the streets. Seems like we weren't the only ones — with free entry, there was a healthy mix of folks ready to relax and take a breather. Come February First Friday, we'll definitely keep an eye out for this makeshift boozing bin.


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