Carnifex @ The Underground

Over the years, metal has spawned such subgenres as grindcore, metalcore, doom metal, black metal, and thrash metal, but it doesn't get much heavier and darker than death metal. Hailing from sunny Southern California, Carnifex plays the type of aggressive and visceral death metal that has been redefining the genre over the past decade. Named after a Roman public executioner, Carnifex employs the characteristic breakdowns, growls, and dissonance of the genre with an angrier and more relentless approach than its predecessors. Currently working on its fourth album, the band is determined to make an even more desolate and tumultuous follow-up to the 2009 release, Hell Chose Me. In 2005, they played their first show at an Arizona loading dock to a crowd of 20. Three albums later, they're stopping by The Underground on the second day of the "Name Means Nothing Tour" to play for a much larger audience with the support of Oceano, Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Within the Ruins, and more.


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