Cash'd Out @ The Compound Grill

Johnny Cash is one of those musicians who is so well known that everyone can recognize a few of his songs. His signature heavy, straight-shootin' guitar, often marked by a plink-plink-a-dink pattern, is coupled with that always-distinguishable, gravel road of a voice that comes from way down deep. His iconic place as the dark outlaw of country music makes thousands of people attempt to mimic him. While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, playing Johnny Cash's music — well — takes a more nuanced approach than it may appear. Just go to any nearby karaoke night. Deep admiration for a musician does not automatically gift you the ability to sound or play like that person. But Cash'd Out, perhaps the best-known Johnny Cash tribute band, is endorsed by Cash's website and Bill Miller, a close friend of the Man in Black. So if you never got a chance to see him, these guys ain't gonna miss the mark.


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