Caspa @ School of Rock

Hailing from London, Caspa (Gary McCann) describes his sound as "the quiet storm." Though McCann's start in music was a precarious one (he got into electro music while laid up with a basketball injury), he quickly gained notoriety in the field. His breakout single, "Bassbins," was on BBC Radio's 1Xtra, and DJ Da Flex gave his remixes and productions a serious boost in cred. He's reached across the sea, too, collaborating with artists like Ludacris and Deadmau5. The beats aren't as "friendly" as his name might imply, sticking to the gritty textures of dubstep and classic grime, but he's parlayed the nasty sound into high-profile gigs at Global Gathering and Glastonbury. Expect the scene to be full of Kandi Kids, ravers, and true EDM lovers when he brings his UK sound to the States this week, giving him a chance to prove his boast that he's the "dopest ghost in town."


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