Cattle Decapitation

If Fast Food Nation and Super Size Me didn't steer you (no pun intended) away from the McDonald's drive-through, listening to vegetarian grindcore warriors Cattle Decapitation's "Lips & Assholes" as you're about to pull up to order that Big Mac just might: "The juice off the floor becomes an additive/A waste bin of gore thrown in for shits and giggles/Helpless heap at the mercy of some freak/Some fuck in charge of decontaminating the meat/Who wipes his ass without washing his hands/You must understand that every day you ingest some sort of disease." And if that doesn't do the trick, peep the cow shitting out bloody human remains on the cover of the San Diego quartet's latest gorefest of an album, Humanure -- you might not even wanna eat tofu after that. As you may further discover during its live show, the members of Cattle Decap appreciate mankind about as much as the critters in Animal Farm did, so they'll pummel you with colossal, unrelenting thrash riffs and Cookie Monster-from-hell vocals until you feel like you're about to be mashed into McNugget form. Then maybe, just maybe, if you promise to give up your evil carnivore ways, they'll let you walk out of the place alive. Revenge of the meat!


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