Cave In

In the past 10 years, Cave In has made itself a household name among hardcore, indie and metal fans. The Boston band became the king of split records by sharing discs with the likes of Piebald and Scissorfight. Following tours with Converge, the band was slapped with the "metal" label, but after picking up Cave In's latest disc, Perfect Pitch Black, it's clear that this four-piece is something else altogether. Along with Coalesce and Hydra Head labelmates Pelican, Cave In is part of a new breed of bands that have diverged into something slower than metal but just as heavy, and equally appropriate to be played loud. (Need proof? The band blew fuses to the control room speakers during the recording of 2003's Antenna.) With full, exuberant guitar riffs and spastic timing, coupled with shrieking, emotional vocals, Cave In is something different, new, and better than 95 percent of today's hardcore-metal bands.


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