CenPho.tv One-Year Anniversary Bash

Whether it's music, news, or the arts, when you want the best roundup of everything going on in downtown Phoenix (and only downtown Phoenix) you go to CenPho.tv. But when you want to actually hear the best music from downtown Phoenix? Well, you go to the CenPho.tv One-Year Anniversary Bash. Still regrouping after its equipment was pilfered, the team behind the city's premier video podcast has brought together some of its favorite local acts to play for what looks to be the first of many birthdays. The show is headlined by The Love Me Nots, probably the best garage-rock band in the scene right now. They just released Upside Down Inside Out, produced by Jim Diamond, who brought the album a taste of the Detroit sound he perfected at Ghetto Recorders. The lineup is rounded out by Surfside IV, an instrumental surf-rock outfit that's been getting as much love for their super-cool concert fliers as for their music, and The Necronauts, an indie-rock three-piece whose sound is all over the place, channeling the Magnetic Fields on one song and then Green Day on the next.


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