Chamillionaire with Paul Wall

Chamillionaire (né Hakeem Seriki) is a rapper, but he's no muthafuckin' potty-mouth. True to his reputation as a high-minded master of flow, the Houston native managed to record his fifth studio album, Ultimate Victory (2007), without using a single four-letter profanity. That's a fairly remarkable feat, considering how many useful words rhyme with "dick." But, again, that's typical. En route to winning a Grammy for the chart-topping hip-hop single "Ridin'," Chamillionaire was never fixated on social status. Instead, he was interested in dissecting the social forces that compelled so many of his peers. Call it Deconstructionist rap. With his sixth album, Venom, fully mixed and awaiting a summer release, Chamillionaire is following up his recent SxSW appearance with a series of West Coast shows, accompanied by longtime collaborator and fellow Southern mixtape legend Wall. Keep in mind, if the radio-friendly rapper blows up after his album drops, this could be your last chance to see him perform in such an intimate venue. Miss it, and you may curse the day.


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