Charlie Daniels Band

Folks can't help singing along to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" — even if they're in a public place and can't sing. What many people don't know that the song's composer, Charlie Daniels, played with the likes of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen and produced such bands as The Youngbloods. Somewhat representative of American culture, Daniels is an outspoken man with complex politics. Though he played Jimmy Carter's presidential inauguration, he's also a member of the NRA and defended George W.'s policies in Iraq. The 73-year-old Tennessean was the recipient of a "Spirit of Americana" Free Speech Award in 2006, and the same year participated in a USO tour of Iraq. Additionally, Daniels is known for putting on an annual "Volunteer Jam" concert featuring a veritable who's who of iconic musicians. No matter which way you slice it, his community involvement and desire to speak his mind are distinctly American. Looks like he probably ain't gonna quit anytime soon.


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