Chris Martin Pissed With EMI?

Apparently, Chris Martin and his record label, EMI, are not on the same page when it comes to news about when Coldplay's new album coming is out. Martin says it will hopefully be released by Christmas of this year, but EMI says that isn't true. Apparently, when asked whether Coldplay's fifth album would be its final one, Martin's response was, "No. I think we have about 500 more. Seriously, we signed for a lot . . . We're owned. We can't do anything without asking somebody's permission." Things are lookin' a little tense, and as Idolator points out, with all of EMI's financial troubles, the record may wanna just push that record out sooner rather than later.

STORY: Chris Martin And EMI Can't Agree on When Coldplay's New Album Is Coming Out

BBC: Abbey Road Studios 'Not for Sale', says EMI

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