Christopher Lawrence

Christopher Lawrence is one of the overlords of techno trance, a globally lauded maestro of seizure-inducing beat alchemy. His harder, sometimes melancholic brand of trance and techno has made him America's premier purveyor and innovator of the 4/4 trance genre. Homeboy just dropped his latest mix CD -- his first in four years -- titled Subculture, at the beginning of the month, but that's merely an hors d'oeuvre for the set he's bringing to Myst in Scottsdale this Friday, May 12, as part of the Subculture tour. Because of his work behind the steel wheels developing his style since 1991, this Bush-bashing vinyl junkie won "Best American DJ" at last year's International Dance Music Awards, and beat out contenders like John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, and Carl Cox in DJmag's 2004 poll. But mere accolades don't tell the Christopher Lawrence story; only witnessing his live set yourself can enlighten you to the real deal.


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