Circus Mexicus: The Show Goes on Despite Swine Flu, Drug Violence

When you're down there, you ain't worried about sick pigs.
When you're down there, you ain't worried about sick pigs.
Jonathan McNamara

Roger Clyne has posted a blog entry on The Peacemakers' website declaring that Circus Mexicus will go on a month from today, despite the Mexican Swine Flu pretendemic and the very real surge in violence along the Mexican border as federal troops battle drug cartels.

Judiciously and with full knowledge of the issues in today's headlines, RCPM again makes the choice to venture south, cross the border, and set up our stage in that "little drinking village with a fishing problem." And if in the shadows of these headlines, there is a lot of elbow room in front of that stage, so be it. We're ready for that. It is in RCPM's manifesto to give all we have, every time play, whether it be in front of 1 person or 10,000. We will also be ready if thousands of rock and roll revelers show up to sing and swoon and sway.

Having been to Circus Mexicus myself for a column, I'll say it's well worth the risk of death.

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