Apparently, no one told CKY it's dangerous to hate on your boss. Or maybe someone did and CKY just doesn't give a fuck. Either way, that's just what the Pennsylvania band does. In their audacious, straightforward rock 'n' roll style, the instigators in CKY make a point to tell everyone how much they hate the music industry. (Of course, they don't hate it enough not to be on Island Records, a division of powerhouse Universal Music.) Luckily, they have so many devoted fans that Island is forced to shrug them off with a "boys will be boys" excuse. After all, CKY's series of home videos -- with the band members and their friends and family doing ridiculous stunts -- spawned MTV's Jackass, which created a huge audience for the band's songs. With the kind of reaction the CKY videos and Jackass got, how could a label not let these guys do whatever they want? Mostly, CKY is an uncensored and unpredictable band that will definitely put on a killer show -- it's already a proven backdrop for drunken antics.


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