Club Candids at Dos Gringos in Chandler

Don't worry! Butt-grabs are commonplace among BFFs.EXPAND
Don't worry! Butt-grabs are commonplace among BFFs.

We remember a day when Dos Gringos was this stinky little patio on University in Tempe where the just-turned-21 crowd would day drink instead of going to class.

These days, Dos Gringos has come a long way. With four locations in town, there's always a Dos Gringos patio just down the street where folks of all ages go to drink cheap beer, munch on Mexican grub and smoke a million cigarettes without having to step away from the party.

We stopped by the Chandler location last weekend and discovered a bunch of jolly drunks, ready to smile for our camera (take a look at the slideshow). And, we must say, we were a bit surprised to discover folks who were pretty gussied up for this night out...don't they know the place started out as a trailer park?

Dos Gringos Chandler Mexigrill, 1361 N Alma School Rd. in Chandler, 480-855-3303,

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