Club Candids at The Turf

Hey, someone tell these guys to calm down.
Hey, someone tell these guys to calm down.

Sometimes, we just like to pay a little attention to the regular folks in town. So rather than heading to a big event with all the scenester kids wearing their flashiest crap, we decided to check out a relatively new spot in the downtown Phoenix drinking rotation.

The Turf is just about what you'd want from a neighborhood pub, minus the d-baggy patrons you might find at Rula Bula or Rosie McCaffrey's. Here, it's downtown enough that the major mainstreamers are weeded out so you get a mix of hipster kids taking a night off from the super cool party scene and other relaxed locals looking for a good beer (aaaaand here's your slideshow).

Now, isn't that nice?

The Turf, 705 N. 1st Street (1st Street, between Filmore and Roosevelt), 602-296-5043,

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