Club Candids: Bikini Lounge

By Lilia Menconi

Check our slideshow for more of this nonsense.

We’re not going to make any tired observations about how Mondays suck big-time. Okay, maybe we’ll point out just one: It’s the toughest day of the week but, somehow, it’s the least socially acceptable evening to go out and drink the frustration away. Now, that’s just bullshit.

If you’re in the market for a crowd that won’t judge you for your unhealthy coping skills, head to Bikini Lounge for Bikini Mondays. With killer spins by DJ Borisimo and spunky hipster drunkards, it’s the perfect night to start your week off right. On August 11, we did just that, and we had a ball swilling our sorrows away with other folks looking to forget which day it was until later, when we drunkenly set our alarm for Tuesday morning.

Bikini Lounge, 1502 Grand Ave in Phoenix, 602-252-0472.


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