Club Candids: Bliss/ReBar

See more good looking downtowners in this week's Club Candids.
See more good looking downtowners in this week's Club Candids.
Photos by Melissa Fossum

Bliss/ReBar is a great place to relax on the patio with a group of friends while people watching and sipping a fruity drink. The bar attracts a diverse, yet friendly crowd of folks who want to hang out, grab a bite, or perhaps dance if the right song is playing.

We'll be young forever...
We'll be young forever...

We visited Bliss/Rebar at the right time last weekend, since the Theta Nu Xi sorority fete was in full swing. These ladies toasted drinks while some couples appeared to be on their first date, and a gal impressed her girlfriend by arm wrestling a friend at the bar. A good mix of dance and top 40 played, prompting some girls to sing along to "Teenage Dream," though their guy friends seemed to show a little more enthusiasm for the Katy Perry hit.

Club Candids: Bliss/ReBar

We grabbed a custom made cocktail and hung out on the patio to scope out an eclectic mix of folks that can best be described as "the downtown Phoenix" crowd. People watch with us in this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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