Club Candids: Firehouse Tempe

An inferno of nightlife fun took place inside Firehouse Tempe on Saturday, September 29. See more photos from the Club Candids slideshow.
An inferno of nightlife fun took place inside Firehouse Tempe on Saturday, September 29. See more photos from the Club Candids slideshow.
Photos by Benjamin Leatherman

Something unusual has been happening recently inside the establishment on the northeast corner of Mill Avenue and University Drive in Tempe: People are having a blast after dark. Lots of people.

Such a thing is commonplace along party-hearty Mill Avenue, given its proximity to Arizona State University, just not at this particular place. Well, until the proprietors of excessively popular nightspot The Firehouse decided to open a second location inside the joint, which has had a rocky history over the years.

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Club Candids: Firehouse Tempe

In the past few years, this particular property has been kinda cursed in a sense as a string of nightlife businesses have come and gone, including biker-friendly Sucker Punch Sally's and ASU-themed sports haven Devil's Advocate.

The Firehouse, which debuted last month, appears to be more popular than its predecessors, however, as we've seen nothing but crowds inside since it opened. That includes the night that the Club Candids cameras stopped by on Saturday, September 28,

If you've been to the Scottsdale version of the Firehouse, you'll feel at home at its sister location. There's the same firefighter-like atmosphere (including a DJ booth created from a vintage pumper truck) and a line of people occupying the sidewalk outside. Those lucky enough to get the nod spent the next a few hours partying with ASU coeds, dudes wearing snapbacks and silver bling, and fine-looking dime pieces in mini-dresses.

Club Candids: Firehouse Tempe

People were busting a move pretty much everywhere inside Firehouse Tempe, and not only on the dance floor: On the elevated platform behind the bar, on some stadium seating in the back, and even a couple lasses who climbed on top of a table. Security quickly but the kibosh on her shenanigans, however. Spoilsports.

Club Candids: Firehouse Tempe

You can check out what other fun was taking place inside the Firehouse Tempe via this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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