Club Candids: J-Heads on Saturday, August 9

By Lilia Menconi

She's really excited for the slideshow.

So it seems, whenever offered the choice between butt rock and punk rock, we always pick punk. Because after last week, we were still in the mood to hang with the heavily tattooed and metal-studded crowd. So we decided to check out the Agent Orange show at J-Heads on Saturday, August 9.

Agent Orange ripped it up as the packed club hemorrhaged folks out into the parking lot. People got nuts, the air got heavy, and then dudes started getting partially naked. There were topless men galore, trying to be as comfortable as possible as the bar slowly transformed into a sweltering sauna. That’s commitment. And it’s totally punk rock.

J-Heads, 5110 E Mcdowell Rd in Phoenix, 602-225-0307,

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