Club Candids: Saved by the Bell Party at The Turf

Totally radical.
Totally radical.
Melissa Fossum

Enough time has finally passed for '90s parties to be acceptable. It couldn't have happened a few years ago -- the decade was still a little too fresh. But like a nostalgia juggernaut, you can't stop it: '90s fashions are making a comeback (have you stepped into a Forever 21 lately?). It's okay in small doses, we guess, and it certainly makes dressing for retro parties like The Turf's Saved by the Bell soiree easier. Can we just agree on keeping shoulder pads out of the equation?

We made it (on time) to The Turf for this week's installment of Club Candids.

Shutter shades technically weren't around in the '90s, but whatever.
Shutter shades technically weren't around in the '90s, but whatever.
Melissa Fossum

The Turf Restaurant & Pub embraced the glorious time of economic growth and Scrunchies with a Saved by the Bell-themed party over the weekend. Guests were spotted in all sorts of lavish outfits, we just hope that the gal dressed up as Jessie made friends with the Zach impersonator.

Saved by the Bell may be a little bit before some millennials' times, so a laptop was conveniently set up streaming episodes of the oh-so-'90s teen drama/sitcom.

No super '90s, but it works.
No super '90s, but it works.
Melissa Fossum

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The evening wasn't exclusively '90s, making for an interesting mix of floral prints, shoulder pads, side ponytails, and casual bar goers. The music was pretty quiet, making a good environment for students to unwind and the Saved by the Bell party folks to discuss who really is hotter, Zach or Slater.

Gals were dressed to impress at The Turf's Saved by the Bell party on Saturday, January 26, and we were there to catch all the fun in this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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