Club Candids: Vice Magazine's "Desert Bender" at Blackforest Mill

Embracing the "Desert Bender" at Blackforest Mill in Phoenix.
Embracing the "Desert Bender" at Blackforest Mill in Phoenix.
Adriane Goetz

If you've never read VICE MAGAZINE, you get an "F" on your Hipster 101 exam (it's gonna take a ton of coke and American Apparel merchandise if you want to pass now).

Starting as a punk zine in 1994, the New York City based highly-offensive-to-the-general-public magazine now publishes its print edition in 22 countries.

While VICE is distributed in nine U.S. cities and throws open-bar parties all over the country, our beloved Phoenix has never been on the list... until Wednesday night.

The "Desert Bender" was a free, RSVP-only event sponsored by Hornitos tequila. That's right, no cover and free all-you-can-drink tequila until midnight. You can imagine how classy it got by the end of the evening.

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Kinch and Brothers Backword performed live, and DJs Jared Alan and Sean Watson ensured no one was parking the dance floor.

Although the snarky commentary on VICE's "Dos & Dont's" photos has always been one of our favorite features (not to mention a personal Club Candids inspiration), we'll resist the urge disembowel our Phoenix party-goers via the slide show captions. Sorry hater-mongers; we're not The Dirty (hell, most of 'em were "Dos" anyway).

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