Club Reventon

The piñatas and Patrón will be poppin' as the yearly case of Cinco de Mayo fever grips the Valley this weekend, with an eff-load of fetes and fiestas planned for Saturday, May 5 (peep our guide for proof). We've planned out our whole day, wey, and it gonna be muy caliente. After gabbing with gabachos at the Chihuahua races in Chandler or sucking down Sol with drunk frat kids at Dos Gringos, we're ditching the paleface parties and setting course for Club Reventon, 5400 North 59th Avenue in Glendale, where — call us crazy — we're gonna celebrate the Mexican holiday with, you know, actual Mexicans. Reggaeton, Latin hip-hop, high-energy cumbias, and merengue will pump from the joint's 10,000-watt sound system courtesy of DJ Big Latin (who'll also be working the DJ Kane show at Baja Tilly's in Tempe earlier that evening), as well as Chi-town DJ Rob Gee and local beat-juggler Javier. Meanwhile, a bevy of groovy go-go dancers will perform. Prize giveaways are also planned. Doors open at 6 p.m. (and won't close until 5 a.m.) with a $10 cover. Call 623-934-8071.


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