Clubhouse Music presents Diplo and friends

By: Jonathan McNamara

Clubhouse Music presents Diplo and friends

Better than: Dancing to Cascada.

Last night Diplo short for "Diplodocus" hit Clubhouse Music like a primeval force from the Jurassic period. No one was spared as his infectious beats permeated the room leading even the shyest of wallflowers up and movin'.

Diplo layed it down for a good half hour before inviting the whole club to dance on stage with him. And what did they groove to? How about explosive rhythms peppered with samples including "Harder Better Faster Stronger" and "Robot Rock" from Daft Punk?

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Check out the slide show and see the show for yourself.

Random Detail: There were a lot of folks sporting Daft Punk T-shirts at this gig. I guess they're popular around the world.

Personal Bias: When a DJ samples "Smells Like Teen Spirit," you've got to give him props. When a DJ has arranged his own version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to use as a sample you bow down.

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