Coheed and Cambria

Coheed and Cambria's set at Coachella was a memorable one, even if the prog-metal act had to compete with the much hipper British buzz trio The xx playing at the same time on a nearby stage. A lighting instrument caused the stage roof to catch fire, briefly adding even more spark to the band's hotly charged routine. Even though it was their second time playing the festival, Coheed is an odd choice for the usual Coachella aesthetic — more metal and more nerdy than most of their peers. For proof of the former, check out "Here We Are Juggernaut," the first single from their latest album, Year of the Black Rainbow. The chunky guitar strains and soaring chorus are pure '70s hard rock. For proof of the latter, how about the fact that Rainbow is the prequel to Armor Wars, a sci-fi epic told in the band's previous records? Image Comics has released several books presenting an illustrated version of the story, and lead singer Claudio Sanchez even wrote a novel to accompany special editions of Rainbow, co-written by noted comic book scribe/Star Trek book author Peter David. Take that, precious hipsters.


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