​It looks like College Dropouts is ready to hit the books -- er, bottle -- again, just in time for the new ASU semester. 

The bar, tucked away on College Avenue near Sun Devil Stadium, closed in April when the owner was unable to reach a lease agreement with the building's landlord. The location has proved to be a difficult spot for student-focused watering holes in the past, but College Dropouts seemed to have a good thing going with penny drink "Drinkin' With Lincoln" Tuesdays. But they're going to give the same location a second chance.

We reached out to owner Kevin Jones for comment to no avail, but the College Dropouts Facebook page says re-opening is slated for September 1. A Facebook event has also been created for the opening, so you know it's official. Here's to hoping they stick it out for the long run this time. 

College Dropouts Re-Enrolls at Same Tempe Location

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