It's unusual for an opening band to have better stage presence, greater energy, and a more dedicated fan base than the headlining act that follows it. But as rare as that is, nobody in the audience seemed surprised when Norwegian EBM/power-noise hybrid band Combichrist eclipsed industrial icons KMFDM at the Phoenix show on the groups' 2006 tour. Arguably the most popular new name in the genre, Combichrist already had established itself as the latest act to push aggressive electronic music toward mainstream recognition. After exploding onto the local scene two years ago with a wickedly intense warehouse gig organized by the rivethead club-kid collective called Sadisco*, Combichrist returns to Phoenix for a second Sadisco* event this Friday. If the past is an indicator, this will be an awesomely inappropriate show that could go down in industrial infamy. Billed as a Natural Born Killers-themed shindig of epic proportions, the night will also feature performances from Ayria, Helltrash and Modulate, as well as the turntable stylings of resident DJs, including Squalor, //she//, 5arah and Dr F.


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