The smorgasbord of rock 'n' roll has included Hispanic/American culture clashes in the past: Santana, Los Lobos, War. Add to that list Brooklyn's Cordero, a fab foursome featuring the bilingual songs of guitarist/singer Ani Cordero, a self-described "Georgia-Rican." With guitar, trumpet, bass and drums, the band unaffectedly blends minimalist, sinewy indie rock (à la Feelies, Fall, Pavement) with mariachi, rumba, and assorted Latin rhythms and motifs. Cordero has a compelling, dusky voice (recalling the young Chrissie Hynde), stirring and dignified in its understatement. The songs, meanwhile, are loaded with dramatically windswept, Calexico-esque Southwestern ambiance -- a Sergio Leone/Roberto Rodríguez noir waiting to happen. Think there's nothing new under the sun? Then seize En Este Momento and be bowled over, pilgrim.

Cordero, Koufax, and Adam Panic are scheduled to perform on Tuesday, April 25, at the Rhythm Room.


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