Corey Harris

Simplicity is a profound doorway. Two trips to Cameroon during college inspired Denver native Corey Harris so much that he set his course for a life of blues. The influence of his travels seeped into every second of Mississippi to Mali, a gorgeous minimalist recording reconnecting this sonic tradition created during slavery. On his latest, Daily Bread, Harris bulks up the content with reggae and rock undertones, while keeping it basic. The palette remains blues as his penchant to make the downtrodden joyous shines. Drawing from the roots of Delta music -- gospel -- Harris creates an upbeat aura on "See Your Face" and "Got to Be Better." His range is wide, however: "The Sweetest Fruit" is an acoustic testament to the travails of love, while "Lamb's Bread" scorches through a Rasta tribute to the good herb. Famed trumpeter Olu Dara joins in for "Mami Wata" and "The Peach," the latter featuring spoken-word commentary on the biblical Eden through the eyes of a different fruit. With an obvious lean toward peaceful relationships and community throughout Daily Bread, there's no need to lyrically dissect "The Bush Is Burning." The rapid guitar strokes and immediacy of Harris' strong voice says it all, poignantly and beautifully.


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