After having participated in the soundtrack of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (she provided the singing voice of Jenna Fischer in "Let's Duet"), Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Angela Correa emerges with her own three-track EP, in anticipation of her upcoming full release. On this short sample, one gets the idea where she's coming from — on "Pinwheels," the piano and intro set the feel for a retro-sounding tune in which her echo-drenched voice makes her somehow sound both stoned and alert; during the hook, the percussion is halted as vocals take center stage. "Racing Tides" has more sparse instrumentation, showcasing her voice in a song whose lyrics are mostly about romantic yearnings for a blossoming love affair. The ballad "All the World (I Tell Myself)" is probably the strongest of the three tracks, thanks to its carefully crafted musical structure (3/4 time, Enya-like vocals, and a jazz-inflected piano), and that was clearly recognized when the tune was featured on a recent episode of Grey's Anatomy. Since the EP's release, Correa has posted more tunes on her MySpace page, keeping us on our toes in anticipation of what her full CD might sound like.


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