Cousins of the Wize at the Bash

The more things change, the more they stay the same: Just when you thought local hip-hop/rock/reggae outfit Cousins of the Wize was in the 'Nix's history books, here they are celebrating their eighth anniversary, a major milestone for any local outfit. With DJ Needles holding down the turntables, Jah Sonora and Magnum P.I.e. on the microphones, and a cacophony behind them, the eight-piece is soldiering on, despite and in the memory of former MC Chris Pangrazi, a.k.a. CPT, who passed away in 2003. The anniversary show is at the Bash on Ash on Friday, November 4. Five bucks gets you in the door with a three-song COTW disc in your hand, as well as performances by Magnum P.I.e. solo, Golden Tung, Lunchbox Superheroes, and DJ Needles.


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