Cover the Crescent @ Crescent Ballroom

You can blame Phish, but covering another band's album in its entirety has become a cool and popular thing to do. Three Phoenix acts break from their normal routines in a benefit concert for the Lupus Foundation of Southern Arizona. Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra will perform Portishead's Dummy, There Is Danger will tackle Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, while a band comprising members of Minibosses, Sweetbleeders, Roar, and Treasure MammaL will undertake Radiohead's OK Computer. "I love the challenge of figuring out the way to attack someone else's album, how to pull it off live. It's exciting," says show organizer and Minibosses frontman Aaron Burke. "I think all three albums are very iconic, so it will be a big trip hearing them performed by bands in the local scene that a lot of people know and love dearly." The benefit also is a tribute to Derrick and Amy Ross of Bisbee band Nowhere Man and Whiskey Girl. Amy died of complications from lupus in 2013, and Derrick took his own life shortly after his wife's death. "When you hear the story behind it, it's worth it for folks to go just to support the cause," Burke adds. "But in doing so they'll be treating themselves to a really special night of music as well."


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