Covet Thy Neighbor

Hipster bash extraordinaire at the Covet Boutique in-store party in Scottsdale on Wednesday, June 27. (Click here for more photos.)
Lilia Menconi

Yes! Finally, Club Candids punked out on the weekend circuit and cruised to Covet Boutique in Scottsdale on Wednesday, June 27, for its in-store party. (Click here for more photos.) The spot was super chi-chi but with a hipster indie vibe. Kids sipped beer and super-tasty vodka lemonade while they picked through the fashions. Printed T-shirts, sweater vests and Puma shoes were the jam, and it only took one flip of the price tags for people to keep a tighter grip on their drinks . . . one spill could've cost upwards of $80. But, hey, it's expensive to look good, right?

And everyone did look stellar. The chicks had fresh makeup and expertly coifed hair to match their cutesy clothes, and the dudes were decked out in post-adolescent, high-end, skater-inspired threads. With music, live art and a ping-pong table out front for the kids, the place was totally rockin'.

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