Cowtown Skateboards in Tempe to Open Odd Future Pop-Up "Sweatshop"

Cowtown Skateboards in Tempe to Open Odd Future Pop-Up "Sweatshop"

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Looks like L.A. hip-hoppers Odd Future will be bringing more than their mental sense of humor and imaginary therapy sessions with Dr. TC to Tempe this weekend: Popular skate shop Cowtown Skateboards is opening hosting an Odd Future pop-up "sweatshop" on Friday, March 9 (hey, that's when OF is playing Marquee) which will last for one week.

The shop will feature exclusive Odd Future gear, or...wait for it...swag.

Yeah, swag.

JR of Cowtown writes on the shop's site:

I've only seen about a fifth of the stuff they have for sale, but I did see some Golf Wang hat colorways and some of the tees so far... If you follow Odd Future, you probably already know this, but most of the stuff they will have for sale is no where on their site, so get there while you can.

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Will there be advance copies of OF Tape Vol. 2 for sale? A shirt with something weird/offensive on it? Who knows, but Marquee is pretty close to Cowtown. I wouldn't be surprised if someone from Odd Future showed up to check it all out.

And now, a PSA from Tyler, the Creator (or Jefferson) about the dangers of herpes.

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Cowtown Skateboards

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