Cream Cropped

Watching the members of Cream retrace their steps, from Eric Clapton talking Ginger Baker into letting Jack Bruce join the band in 1966 to their acclaimed reunion in 2005, you have to wonder how they made it through a conversation, let alone two years of constant tours and classic albums. For this Cream: Classic Artists DVD (Image Entertainment), all three members sat for separate interviews, a situation Baker uses to its full advantage. His relationship with Bruce consumes him, coloring his wild-eyed rants on everything from Cream's first single, "Wrapping Paper" (a Bruce-Pete Brown collaboration Baker calls "the most appalling piece of shit I've ever heard"), to Bruce's onstage volume. That bone-crushing volume is cited as one of several reasons for the group's demise, another being Clapton's having found a less explosive new direction in The Band's first album, Music From Big Pink. While Clapton clearly stood to gain the least by hitting the reunion trail, he comes across as deeply moved and humbled by the whole experience, in stark contrast to Baker, who quashes any hope of one more round with an emphatic, wild-eyed, "That's enough." Extras range from concert footage and interview outtakes to an audio CD of live performances from 1967.


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