The techno-pioneering Crystal Method brings the mayhem to Myst.

Crystal Method at Myst

Hey, tweakers -- hurry up and finish reassembling your El Camino, stop grinding your teeth for a minute, put down the glass dick, and listen up. I've got good news: Your favorite non-inhalable muscle motivator is coming to town. On Friday, June 10, Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, a.k.a. breakbeat heroes the Crystal Method, will be at Myst in Scottsdale to kick off your tweekend. It's part of a DJ set tour in support of the duo's latest audio endeavor, Community Service II, wherein they give the Method treatment to tracks by the Doors, Smashing Pumpkins, UNKLE, New Order, and others. The Meth is perhaps America's most blown-up beat-butchering outfit, so you won't want to miss the chance to see them behind the decks. A quick word of advice: Take a shower before you go, because this show is going to be packed.


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