Culture Jam @ The Roxy Lounge

No one is going to blame you for feeling squeamish when you hear the words "rock" and "rap" used together. Crazy Town, Limp Bizkit, and Methods of Mayhem pushed out more than enough bad musical juju to completely erase any goodwill earned by the Judgment Night soundtrack or The Clash's early hip-hop appropriations. But lest we throw the baby out with the hot dog-flavored bathwater, let's hold on a minute. Hip-hop and rock music have never been closer bedfellows than now, when the dude from Coldplay is palling around with Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and Kanye West is riding King Crimson and Can samples to the top of the charts. So it's less about definitions than it is about playing to the lowest common denominator, something we're certain won't be happening at the R.E.I.G.N. Network's Culture Clash, a "themed night of art, music, fashion, and dance," where Valley indie acts Doctor Bones and Emby Alexander will be teaming up with hip-hoppers Matty Dubs and D. Russ, respectively. If the collaborations make as much sense as Emby Alexander songwriter Michael B. Alexander's previous work with Russ (when Alexander was still fronting art-combo Boys and Frogs), the proceedings should lean more toward the Solange Knowles/Dirty Projectors side of things than say, that Ice Cube and Korn's "Children of the Korn" jam.


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