With its fourth album set for a March 4 release, Cursive is sitting in the driver's seat of the monster truck, fueled by Saddle Creek Records, that is Omaha's not-so-underground rock scene and the post-hard-core-indie rockers have a bristly case of road rage.

Emo? More like screamo. In "Art Is Hard," from the forthcoming The Ugly Organ, feverish front man Tim Kasher sings, "If at first you don't, you don't succeed/You gotta re-create your misery." While the critically commended band is at last becoming acquainted with the concept of commercial success, Kasher is by now so accustomed to re-creating his misery that he can't stop himself. Witness "Sink to the Beat": "I'll try to make this perfectly clear/I'm so transparent I disappear/These words I lyrically defecate/Upon songs I boldly claim to create."

Yikes. Credit Gretta Cohn's cello for at least bringing some smoothing melody to the madness.


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