Cut Copy @ Marquee Theatre

For dance-driven electro acts, there's no grander feat than managing to stay "big in Brooklyn" while inching toward the mainstream. Melbourne-bred quartet Cut Copy has got the trick down, parlaying its steady buzz into one of the ultimate status symbols for a band, a headlining slot at the Coachella music festival. Credit their Aussie charm, catchy hooks, euphoric beats — or all the Ecstasy their fans take before hitting the dance floor. The group's synth-heavy new wave sound has found a home in the hearts of discerning indie fans and those who learn about new music from BlackBerry commercials. Songs like "Feel the Love" and "Lights and Music" err on the side of cheeseball, but the playful feel-good nature makes Cut Copy damn near irresistible. Phoenix DJs have made songs from the band's three albums, including their latest, Zonoscope, staples at dance parties around town.


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