Cutthroat Logic

Cutthroat Logic is "representin' Phoenix to tha fullest." The band's song "Phire City" may be the best hip-hop shout-out ever to our desert metropolis, with flows like "I'm from where it's hotter than fuck/And all they bump on the radio is the most commercial rap/Eminem, Puff, or P-Diddy/Whatever the fuck, man -- it's P-city," and "Ain't nothin' like 602, so who the fuck are you?" The crew manages to reference our green weed, our dime pieces, and frisky Tempe seniors while delivering a nasty blow to Joe Arpaio, ordering the sheriff to "eat a Ladmo bag and die slow." Since releasing an emotive self-titled debut CD in 2003, CTL's gotten props across the Valley, filled the Mason Jar to capacity every Wednesday night during a successful run that ended in 2004, and even contributed to the new Soulfly album. The band's got a new album in the works, and chances are, fans will get to hear some of those fresh cuts live before the CD hits the streets. For those who've yet to witness the vibrant Phoenix hip-hop scene -- do not miss this show!


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