Detroit rappers D12 are preparing for the ultimate test of their popularity -- touring without main man Eminem. The flaxen-haired rapper with the machine-gun mouth is working on his follow-up to 2002's The Eminem Show. D12's Swifty (Ondre Moore) says that when Eminem gets the album under his belt, he may make a few guest appearances on the tour. "When the time comes, he will represent with us," Swifty says, without giving specifics.

The group is touring in support of D12 World, which spawned the goofy hit "My Band." Swifty says that the album got its name because the entire group -- not just Eminem -- collaborated on the album. "Every last one of us wanted to express our character through our lyrics and the creation of doing tracks and comin' up with ideas for songs. We don't let just Em run with the ball."


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