Dance Disaster Movement

If we didn't have a certain amount of column space to fill, we'd just let Dance Disaster Movement's name stand as everything you need to know about the band. You can dance to it, natch, you can wiggle and frug to the skittering, propulsive beats and bristling hooks. It's a little darker than standard issue, but you guessed that from "Disaster" in the middle, right? Songs like "I Want Your Sass" careen like a car with no brakes heading down a mountain -- dark, dangerous, bouncing off guardrails. The dark edge is severe enough to make you remember that the last dance rock revolution wasn't led by Gang of Four but by the Revolting Cocks and Nine Inch Nails (or maybe it's just that The Devil's Rejects has made us ready for a White Zombie revival). DDM isn't an industrial band, though. It's fully part of the dance punk (wait for it) "Movement," along with Kill Me Tomorrow, with whom they'll share the stage Tuesday night. What's in a name? This time, everything.


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