Don't judge me.
Don't judge me.
Photo by Anthony Sandoval

Dance Your Chucks Off at The Rogue Bar, But First ...

I'm throwing myself under the bus here, but I'm going to do this anyway.

These are my Chuck Taylor All Star tennis shoes. As of yesterday, my retired Chucks.

They used to be black and white, but now they've got this brown hue -- and holes to boot. I don't remember precisely when I bought them, but needless to say, they've seen better days. Sure they're uncomfortable to stand in for long periods of time, but they've accompanied me to many a beer-puddled concert floor.

Their versatility and durability make them an easy go-to shoe, but they're also easy to neglect.

So tomorrow night's Dance Your Chucks Off SxSW welcome-back show at the Rogue Bar makes this a great time to look down and take inventory of the classic shoe that we all love so very much.

The Echo Cloud presentation features Doctor Bones, Snake! Snake! Snakes! and Dead Wildlife. The Scottsdale event marks the close of the SxSW tour and celebrates the return of the bands. The show goes down Friday, March 23, from 9 p.m. until 12 a.m., so you have plenty of time to clean up those Chucks or even retire them if they're running on the ratty side.

Dance Your Chucks Off at The Rogue Bar, But First ...
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