Death By Stereo

Death By Stereo is the punk rock band that metalheads dig, because it has an edge -- aggressive guitar riffs, and hard and fast drumming that's typical for hardcore punk bands such as A.F.I., and Shai Hulud. But while Death By Stereo sounds chaotic, its lyrics are generally serious and thought-provoking. (Think Rise Against with a touch of Atreyu.) Things have changed for the band since it signed to Epitaph and released its best album to date, Day of the Death, in 2001. Founding guitarist Jim Miner got hitched and ditched the band. Tito took his spot, and fans wondered if Death By Stereo's sound would lose its intensity. Then the band released Into the Valley of Death, and showed that the group is still a bunch of rowdy punk rockers who put out brutal music. For DBS's new disc, Death for Life, ready to drop on June 7, new bassist Tyler Rebbe added yet another throbbing layer to the punk frenzy. Hear the new stuff live, before it rocks your iPod.


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