Decades Music Theme Park proposal passes Senate vote, heads for Governor Napolitano’s Desk

By Niki D’Andrea

Back in November of last year, I wrote about a blog about the Decades Music Theme Park, a massive amusement park with areas themed by decade (‘50s through ‘80s) and rides with rock ‘n’ roll themes.

I initially made fun of the concept, primarily because of the proposed location for the park: Eloy, Arizona, a small city that lies alongside a stretch of the I-17 South between Phoenix and Tucson. It’s never exactly been a haven for tourists.

But proponents and supporters are apparently taking the park very seriously, as yesterday, the park proposition (Senate Bill 1450) passed with a 17-9 vote. The legislation already passed earlier this year with a 17-11 vote, but was struck down 39-17 in the House of Representatives after the bill was amended.

The bill now heads to the Governor’s office, where Janet Napolitano will decide its fate. We’ll keep you posted.


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