Most up-and-coming bands lack the range to outlive the shelf life of a time-bomb single or a bad hair fad, but infectious rock locals Desole sound equally taut blaring in a bar or wistfully crooning in a black-lighted bedroom. The boys from Desole (pronounced day-so-lay) are set to bring their angular brand of Jimmy Eat World-inspired rock to the masses with their recent signing to Abacus Records (Juliana Theory, Turbonegro). The twentysomething members of this dewy six-piece share a common obsession with music underwritten by longstanding friendships and the family ties of twin brothers Gavin (vocals) and Lance (guitar). Their three-guitar sound creates a nearly orchestral feel with go-big choruses; in one instant, it rattles with urgent aggression, and in the next, it brims with contemplative longing. With chiming riffs and soaring vocals, Desole's multifaceted, radio-ready brand of proto-indie rock will erupt on its Abacus debut, A Story to Tell, in February '06.


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