Pity the poor music journalist charged with the task of describing the enticingly exotic and eccentric music created by DeVotchKa. Over its six years of existence, scribes and screed-slingers (including this one) have used a plethora of hyphen-laced phrases to describe the Denver foursome's strangely sumptuous sound, including such idioms as "haunting Gypsy tuba guitar jams" and "Southwestern/Gypsy/cabaret/rock quartet." Even its fans have a hard time expressing the group's potent and unique concoction of world, folk, Latin, and other European-style influences used in its torridly tempestuous tunes of passion, love, and loss. Local painter Tom Cooper says the indie group possesses "kinda a 'polka-mariachi-abilly' feel with some spaghetti Western thrown in for good measure," created with such instruments as a glockenspiel, upright bass, tuba, accordion, and trumpet. While he's a bit tongue-tied in his description, Cooper says the best way to decipher DeVotchKa is to see the band in concert, where one will witness "impeccable musicianship, high-energy performances, and just an incredible show that's a lot of fun."


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