Dfactor, Landmine Marathon, and Kirkwood Dellinger in This Week's Issue

This week's music feature looks at the musical career of the Phoenix music blogger, Dfactor. A frequent contributor of comments to Up On The Sun, he's also seeking a band to collaborate with.

"Current solo artist seeks drummer, bassist, perhaps keyboard player. Must be into early-period Guided by Voices, adore Strummer, Westerberg, Weller, Richman. Must be interested in rocking out un-ironically. Hipster douchebags and scene kids need not apply." Read more...

Also in this week's issue: Local grindcore band Landmine Marathon is releasing a new album and is SXSW-bound. Kirkwood Dellinger has a new record out Saturday, and Pedro the Lion's frontman David Bazan changes to bass for his latest solo endeavor.

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